A sexagenarian is a person that is between 60 and 70 years old. It is also used as an adjective as being 60 years old or between the ages of 60 and 70 years old. A second adjective definition is of being related to a sexagenarian.

What caught me with…

So tall, perfect and straight.
Equal inches, cement to brick.

Dare I touch it?
It’s too precious, don’t!
Too far away, can I approach?

The wind, says yes.

Ah, yes.
Been waiting for the chance.

On approach……just what I thought!
Just what I hoped, imagined.

Now, I’m here.
The sunlight’s…

The salon I chose for my most recent haircut came from a grocery store receipt’s coupon. Not one to turn down a good deal within my budget, I made an appointment.

Since he’d never cut my hair, I told the barber what I wanted. The non-heroic cape followed, then the…

After enough life lived, one may ponder their biggest successes, failures, and regrets. Of all my regrets, the one I place above all others was out of my control.

My Grandpa and I loved watching Michael Jordan play, and appreciated his abilities on the court from very different perspectives. …

Not by choice, survival is why.

No benefit of the doubt-need more currency than you can afford.

Need your debt as proof, but I’ll still need more to begin to…

Calling a woman a skank is ill-advised, so don’t be surprised about anything that comes your way from it. Begging off while thinking you can convince her you’re referring to the style of dance for reggae or ska music won’t work either.

The problem I have with this word is…

Thanking a Veteran for their service doesn’t seem to be enough. However, those I’ve seen placed on a pedestal of any kind reveal a certain discomfort, perhaps feeling praise of that variety wasn’t what they served this country for.

My twenty two years in retail have provided a litany of…

Ride Wisely

Not often enough, we are tested in a manner of huge magnitude, unexpectedly. These aren’t tests you study for by memorizing curriculum-decided drivel enroute to a desired end goal for you: an obedient and unquestioning shell.

Though not aware, you are always studying and preparing; by living and…

Craig Elbe

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