Attention Writers: Stop Delegating and Start Creating

Craig Elbe
2 min readDec 13, 2020

I belong to a few writer’s groups on Facebook. I firmly believe community is everything, as humans are wired to connect and thrive. Humans are also wired to ruin gifts with good intentions.

These groups have thousands of writers seeking advice on all the issues us creatives struggle with. I will offer my advice to those who need what I can confidently tell them. Most of the advice seekers are stuck in their heads and deep in the weeds of having confidence and/or fear issues. But there are others that decide to delegate their way through the process.

Asking for constructive criticism is great, and is crucial. But posting a picture or mapping out a scenario and asking people to describe it is cheating. They’re asking us to write for them-it is simply wrong and lazy. Taking the easy way out like this is the antithesis of why we’re here to create.

Stop being lazy, and/or a crook, and write. Just write. It will suck at first, but you will get better if you keep doing it. I promise. Then ask for feedback, then revisit, then edit and edit and edit. Creative muscles need work, so don’t be afraid of building them with all it takes to properly do so.

Perhaps those that ask us to write for them are not writing for the right reasons. As much as I don’t want to think people have ill-intent, it is a fact of humanity I cannot ignore. I am aware there are some that don’t understand the totality of what they are telegraphing when they ask others to write for them. Those that are unaware and read this, well, now you know.

This piece is to call out the ones who stick their middle fingers at writers who bleed and sweat to create the proper way. I encourage those that want it done for them to dig deeper and find their true purpose, or engage in the difficult and fulfilling manner of writing the way it’s meant to be done. But please, get out of the arena you and your untrue heart do not belong in. You are not welcome, nor will I dare to walk in yours without an invitation and the respect that a guest ought to bring.