Craig Elbe
1 min readJan 11, 2021

So tall, perfect and straight.
Equal inches, cement to brick.

Dare I touch it?
It’s too precious, don’t!
Too far away, can I approach?

The wind, says yes.

Ah, yes.
Been waiting for the chance.

On approach……just what I thought!
Just what I hoped, imagined.

Now, I’m here.
The sunlight’s illumination, too good; yet it’s true.

My first deep breath, met with a pebble upon exhaling.
My eyes meet my foot, then back to the wall.

A gap, in the binding cement.
Could it be?

Dare I act upon the earlier thought?
Curiosity needs indulgence, so I touch.

More pebbles, my touch creates.
The wall, revealed to be hollow of substandard inner material,
Covered invisible by the outer beauty’s façade.

My feet hurt, for they were bare to witness the beauty that was the wall.
I’m here as myself, no hollow image.

No halfway was met, now I’m alone with bloody feet.
Scars heal, and I will.
Once again.

These feet have walked into many walls,
Bled many times.
Their scars have scars, but haven’t breathed on my heart and resolve.

There is a wall to compliment mine; I still refuse socks and shoes to make
An easy arrival.

The pain teaches me direction, the scars teach clarity.

The right one will have a rope I didn’t ask for, just as I carry one
It won’t ask for, but will be ready
In its timely climb up beside me.

First published on craigelbe.com